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This website is full of useful things for Tinychat or WordPress.



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I've added the majority of my software that is available for download on GitHub, Just check the software section for information about them.

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I've added most of my WordPress plug-ins below,
I've now removed these plug-ins from the WordPress directory.

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The website is undergoing a major redevelopment so some things may not work as intended, I apologise about that.

HTML5 Canvas Effects.

Below is a list of canvas effects that you can create using HTML5 and JavaScript,
These work on almost all devices, If there is a device it doesn't work on well then let me know via the contact form below.


The Ball

This ball is controlled by your mouse an touch, Double click to split the ball.


The Ball 2

Double click to change colours, grab the ball and swing it, hold the mouse button to create balls.


Drawing Pad

This has various pen types and you can select any colour, This will also save you creation!



Hold on the screen or use your mouse and move around to create fire.


Drag around the screen to create your masterpiece, Also there are 2 effects *Burn an *Melt.


The Matrix

This is the Matrix wrote in JavaScript, This contains no settings.


Particles I

move you pointer around the screen and watch as the particles follow you.


Particles II

This is like the other but more of the particles.


Particles III

Blast these particles around the screen with your pointer, press/hold in one place to push them away.



Move the point side to side to create raining plasma.


Snake I

Move your pointer around the screen and watch the snake chase your pointer/finger.


Snake II

This is like the other only bigger! This also has more vibrant colours.!



Simple hold anywhere on the screen and create numerous spinicles.



hold and drag to create ripples, also press any key to create droplets.


Water Text

Type anything then press enter and watch it splash! Also create splash by holding the screen.

Our Software

These are our WordPress/BuddyPress plug-ins and I've included software from our GitHub page.


BuddyPress Group Chat

NameBuddyPress Group Chat
DateSeptember 2019
TypeWordPress/BuddyPress Plug-in

This plug-in is used for BuddyPress to allow all Group creators use TinyChat video chat within groups.


WordPress Video Chat

NameWordPress Video Chat
DateSeptember 2019
TypeWordPress Plug-in

TinyChat full screen video chat for WordPress, This also has YouTube, Recently updated to the HTML5 WebRTC version.


TinyChat Room Spy

NameTinyChat Room Spy - Coming Soon
DateSeptember 2019
TypeWordPress Plug-in

Allows you to check who is in a TinyChat room and who is on Video/Audio.


HTML5 Contact Form With Google Maps

Namehtml5 contact form with Google maps
DateSeptember 2019
TypeHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript an PHP

This is a PHP contact form in HTML5/CSS3 with Google maps using the canvas feature, This uses the Modernizr and Bootstrap features meaning that this contact form is fully responsive, An example of this can be seen at the bottom of this website, Updated to include Google reCaptcha.

project 8

PHP Visitor Counter

NamePHP Visitor Counter
DateSeptember 2019

RudderCount - Created by Ruddernation Design™ 2015 - https://www.ruddernation.com Add the script to your selected page to start counting, To display the counter add - Visitors: echo $Rcounter_count to the area.

project 10

Ajax Contact Form

NameAjax Contact Form
DateSeptember 2019

This another contact form that is easy to use and is customised in CSS3 and Ajax, This form will popup on click of link/button and has a dropdown feature for enquiries etc.

  • project 1

    BuddyPress Group Chat

    WordPress Plug-in

  • project 2

    WordPress Video Chat

    WordPress Plug-in

  • project 4

    TinyChat Room Spy

    WordPress Plug-in

  • project 7

    Html5 Contact Form

    HTML5 Implement

  • project 8

    PHP Visitor Counter

    Website Feature

  • project 10

    Ajax Contact Form

    PHP/CSS3 implement

  • project 12

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    Public Information

My Skills

  • Graphic Design using Adobe products

  • HTML, CSS, Sass, Less

  • JavaScript, jQuery, Prototype, Ajax, XML, Json

  • PHP, Hack, ASP, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, C

  • WordPress, BuddyPress, Joomla & Drupal

  • Others: C++, C#, VB.Net, Assembly, Java, Delphi, Unix, Lisp, Fortran & Mortran


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